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John Schneider

Latest Stories

John Schneider's wife

The John Schneider-Style of Romance: His Rocky Love Life Before Meeting His Wife, Alicia Allain

John Schneider had a list of ex-wives before meeting his now-wife Alicia Allain. What is their love story? Read on to know what makes Alicia Allain special.

What's a Memory Like You John Schneider

All About “What’s a Memory Like You” by John Schneider 

"What's a Memory Like You" by John Schneider is one of his hit singles that reach the top spot in the Billboard weekly charts. Learn more about his song here.

Country Girls by John Schneider

John Schneider Defines What True “Country Girls” Are

"Country Girls" by John Schneider is one of his top hit singles that reached the no. 1 spot on the Billboard US Country Songs. Learn more about this song here.

You're The Last Thing I Needed Tonight John Schneider

The Story Behind “You’re the Last Thing I Needed Tonight” by John Schneider

"You're the Last Thing I Needed Tonight" by John Schneider is one of the best chart-topping hits in his musical career. Learn more about the song here.

I've Been Around Enough to Know + John Schneider

What’s The Story Behind “I’ve Been Around Enough to Know” By John Schneider?

Discover how John Schneider gets the chance to record the song "I've Been Around Enough to Know." Did the song peak at number 1 on the Billboard chart?

John Schneider songs

Top 5 Meaningful John Schneider Songs To Enjoy

Here are some John Schneider songs that became huge hits in the charts. From Country Girls to I'll Still Be Loving You, learn why these are John's favorites.

John Schneider Facts

6 Shocking John Schneider Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

These John Schneider facts you probably didn't know can help you in knowing him better. Get to know about his net worth, major break, relationships, and more.

John Schneider's cover of 'It's Now or Never'

John Schneider’s Cover of “It’s Now or Never” Is A Unique Rendition

Know more about John Schneider's Cover of 'It's Now or Never". Did the song make it to the top chart of Billboard? Is this the first single of Schneider?