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All About “What’s a Memory Like You” by John Schneider 

The song “What’s a Memory Like You” by John Schneider is written by Charles Quillen and John Jarrard. Schneider released the album in December 1985 as his first single from the album A Memory Like You. It instantly reached the top spot on the Billboard US Hot Country Songs and spent a total of 14 weeks in the weekly chart.

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Schneider as an actor and a country music artist at the same time, uses his talent to make this song as heart-rending as possible. And with his style and amazing voice, he makes this song worthy of every country music enthusiast’s attention even up to this date.

The Story of His Hit Single “What’s a Memory Like You”

According to its composer John Jarrard, the song “What’s a Memory Like You” has been unappreciated and languished for more than three years before it finally attracted interest from John Schneider

When Schneider first heard the demo sent to him, he immediately thought the song was great and catchy. And after recording the piece in the studio and releasing it to the public, this single, like the other John Schneider songs, stormed the weekly chart until it arrived at the no. 1 spot.

Making a name in Hollywood as an actor while pursuing your career in the country music scene is much easier said than done. It needs patience, dedication, and a lot of hard work to achieve your goal. That is why we salute John Schneider for his continuing drive to pursue his dream while still contributing to the country music scene. Appreciate the song “What’s a Memory Like You” by John Schneider by watching the video here.


John Schneider

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