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The Bellamy Brothers With Their 1970s Best Hit Single “Let Your Love Flow”


Do you remember the Bellamy Brothers or do you know something about them? I bet everybody knows them. Well, the Bellamy Brothers were one of the best country duos in the 1970s to today’s time. David Milton Bellamy and Homer Howard Bellamy were the men behind the Bellamy Brothers. They have found success on the country songs they have released, and one of those is the song “Let Your Love Flow.”

The Bellamy Brothers’ “Let Your Love Flow”

Bellamy Brothers, Let Your Love Flow
Via Bellamy Brothers’ Facebook Page

The Bellamy Brothers‘ song “Let Your Love Flow” is a song originally written by Larry Williams. Back then, Williams works as a road crew on Neil Diamond’s live shows. “Let Your Love Flow” was first published by Bicycle Music. When Diamond heard the song, he found no interest in recording it so Howard Bellamy has commented:

“Well, it really wasn’t in Neil Diamond’s vein. I would say the guy who wrote this song is the wealthiest roadie now that ever was. Actually, Johnny Rivers had passed on the song. It had been pitched to a few people. It was recorded once by a guy named Gene Cotton; he recorded a kind of unusual version. But when we heard it we had an idea of how we wanted to record it because it kind of fit our style, acoustic bass with a groove, and I think that has a lot to do with it. You’ve got to really match songs with artists, and I think it was the perfect song for us, a great match.”

Bellamy Brothers, Let Your Love Flow
Via Bellamy Brothers’ Official Facebook Page

The song “Let Your Love Flow” had come into the Bellamy Brothers’ lives at the right place and time. The song became their biggest hit single of all time. Back in the ’70s, the Bellamy Brothers moved to L.A. to pursue their musical career. When they reached L.A. they have met many people, including Neil Diamond’s band. One of the members of the band went to the Bellamy Brothers house, bringing with him a demo of the song.

 He said:

“Hey, this sounds like something you guys would do.”

So, they recorded it. It did not only become the biggest song of the year but it also became the largest song of all time. The song was mostly played in country radios and was recorded by various musical artists.

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Bellamy Brothers, Let your Love Flow

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