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Young Adorable Girls Sing Josh Denver’s Hit “Thank God I’m a Country Boy,” with a Twist

These young girls sang the classic hit of the country legend, John Denver. But instead of saying “Thank God I’m a Country Boy,” they had to change the term boy to girl. As this would be more appropriate for them to sing.

If you don’t see children singing an old country song as adorable, then this is not for you. Usually, kids these days are only into the pop music scene. We could not blame them because this is what is usually shown 24/7 by mainstream media. But, not for these kids.

About the Band

The group is named “The Arizona Wildflowers” and has three members. They only have three members in their group. All of them, as seen in the video that you can check out later, are playing their own instruments.

john denver
Via The Arizona Wildflower’s Official Facebook page

A few details are known about this group of young girls. It is not yet known whether they do professional performances or if they just did this performance for entertainment.

One thing is for sure though, that they are a huge fan of country. And we could not be happier to see young children learn and appreciate old country music. We only wish that these young girls continue their path to country as they would be needed for the representation of country music in the years to come.

You can check their facebook page here:


John Denver Original

The song “Thank God I’m a Country Boy” is John Denver’s classic song. It is written by John Martin Sommers. The song is a commercial hit and had reached the US Billboard Magazine Hot Country Singles and Billboard Hot 100.

John Sommers had written the song because of the happiness that he felt at that time. Being grateful for what he had become, and contented for what he had is his inspiration for the music. And, he is thankful to God for all of this.

The Arizona Wildflowers did justice to the song as you can hear their passion for music while singing it. They sang it happily and John Denver could not be more proud. Especially now that even children of this modern age knows and celebrates his song.

You can watch and support these girls by watching their cover here:

"Thank God I'm a Country Girl" by The Arizona Wildflowers | Bluegrass Life

"Thank God I'm a Country Girl" by The Arizona Wildflowers. #bluegrasslife

Posted by Bluegrass Life on Wednesday, March 27, 2019


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