December 23

Adorable 2020 Moments in Country Music

Most of the world today would probably agree that this year was a year that we all would like to forget. No doubt this was the worst year for most of us and we would not be sorry to say goodbye to 2020. However, there were more fun and uplifting moments in 2020 than we all might think of, especially if you’re one of the loyal fans of country music.

For the past years, country music artist seemed to be superheroes that no one could touch. This year, it seemed like superman and superwoman’s cape got ripped off them. With all of our favorite country artists off the road and like most of us are isolated in their homes, we have seen them turn into online-home performances and have been more immersed with their social media as the main way that they communicate to their fans.

We have been blessed with a rare opportunity to see inside the homes and real lives of our favorite country stars. Here are some of the brightest spots from our favorite country artists this 2020.

Louis the Cat Finds a New Home

As tough as this year has been, it went from bad to best for Louis the cat. The fortunate cat went to a stray cat to finding a forever home, and this home is not just like any other home. Louis now lives in luxury under the roof of Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman. What else can this kitty ask for?

Kidman officially posted on her socials on September 21 showing the public the newest member of their family.

The Mullet is Back!

Blake Shelton’s Mullet is back! However, it was not like before. Just about the start of quarantine, Shelton tweeted that he will be growing his mullet back, and the country world went crazy! As an encouragement of hope, Blake wanted to be an inspiration in his simplest way. However, it never grew to what it was before.

Clint Black’s Daughter Made Her Opry Debut

Have you ever wondered if a country star’s daughter or son would have the same quality of voice as their parents? Well, Clint Black’s daughter answers all your question with a big YES! Lily made her debut on the hallowed stage of the Grand Ole Opry on October 31, giving a well-received performance.

Dwight Yoakam is Now a Parent!

Well, it is never too late as one of country music’s long time confirmed bachelor’s Dwight Yoakam at the age of 63 has officially become a father on August 16, announcing the news on his Instagram.

Blake Shelton Finally Popped the Question and She Said Yes!

One of country music’s loved couples Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are finally engaged. They made their announcement on October 27 and fans went on a craze on what they saw.

Miranda Lambert’s Wedded life

Spending most of her time in quarantine with her husband Brendan McLoughlin seemed to be a fruitful one. Scoring a number 1 hit with “Bluebird,” doing several home performances, and to the most recent appearance of McLoughlin’s appearance on Lambert’s video for “Settling Down.”


Blake Shelton, Clint Black, Keith Urban, Miranda Lambert

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