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Wynonna Judd’s “She Is His Need:” A Song about How Love Conquers All

Wynonna’s “She Is His Need”

Wynonna Judd
Photo Credit: Wynonna Judd/ by Screengrab

“She Is His Only Need” is a song recorded by Wynonna Judd. It was released in January 1992 as the first solo single from Judd’s album, Wynonna. The song was produced by an American record producer Tony Brown. It entered the country chart at number 1 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles and Tracks. This song contributed to the success of her career.

Song’s Theme

Wynonna Judd She is His Only Need
Photo Credit: Wynonna Judd/ by Screengrab

“She Is His Need” was categorized as a country pop song. The song is about two characters, namely Billy and Bonnie. They were best friends since childhood and when they grew up, they got married to each other.

It feels good when your best friend turns out being your life partner.  The memories you shared in the past will accumulate more memories as you grow older.

Growing up with your lover is like a fairy tale story where all the games you played turned out in real life. Moreover, you both know each other so well so you know the things he/she loves or dislikes better than anyone else.

As you look at its chorus, the first verse shows that Billy’s love for Bonnie is the reason why he worked harder. That is because he wants to buy the things that Bonnie wants. Second is about their marriage. They have been blessed with two children who were now grown-ups who need to be away from home.

As Billy and Bonnie become old, the relationship they built became stronger day by day. The love of Billy to his wife stayed and he still continues to spoil his wife with the stuff she wants.

To wrap up, this song would like us to realize that age is just a number when it comes to love. It does not matter how long you have been together. What matters are the consistency you made in building your relationship together. Moreover, if you gave and did good things to her when you were dating,  don’t stop those doings you have done when you are already in a relationship. Consistency is a must.

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