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March 28, 2019


March 28, 2019


March 28, 2019

Originally written and recorded by Hank Williams’ Sr., the song was supposed to be released back in 1951. But for some reason, he was against it and decided to hold the release.

For lack of a better term, this was fortunate for the singer. Because after almost 40 years of its supposed release date, it became one of the best father-and-son country duets to date.

The Two Williams

In the music industry, it is only to be expected that if your parents are musicians; you must follow their footsteps. This is the case for Hank Williams Jr. Just like his father, he also became a country musician and made a name for himself.

Hank Jr.’s other hit songs are “Texas Women,” “The American Dream,” “I Fought the Law” and many others.

The 1989 Performance

The only word that can describe what Hank Jr. did is pure genius. For the music video of the song, he decided to perform it at the beginning alone. After the first chorus, the son hears someone singing from behind the door.

It was then revealed that it was his father. Not his living father, but the actual old television footage being used in the video. This already made the song and the video very heartwarming as he honored his deceased father.

After seeing each other, Hank Jr walks through the door and appears to go back in time and have an actual duet with his father.

hank williams
The iconic father and son duet/ Screengrab from Youtube.

Now, the song itself has some melancholic lyrics already. But combining it with a father-and-son duet? You had us already sold. Not only was it bittersweet but also technologically advanced during their time.

Winning was Only Right

After the world witnessed the iconic performance, it was only right that award-giving bodies acknowledged it. The song won Video of the Year by both the Country Music Association and the Academy of Country Music.

The father-son duet would go on to share a Grammy Award win in 1990 for Best Country Vocal Collaboration. It also reached its highest peak at No.7 for the Billboard Hot Country Songs.

Now that is how you honor and show your respect to a loved one.

Watch the duet here:


hank williams



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