March 17

WATCH: Ella Mae, Elvis’s Adorable Toddler Fan Sings American Trilogy

Elvis Presley has a legacy that no other artist ever had. Decades after “The King” died, he maintained a steady and growing fan base from different generations.

People young and old surely have listened to an Elvis song and had sung along with it. But one of Elvis’ youngest fan is a sweet 20-month-old girl named Ella Mae. At a very tender age, Ella Mae knew by heart one of Elvis’ all-time hits, “An American Trilogy.

Ella Mae’s dad played one of her favorite Elvis songs, and it didn’t take long for this baby to recognize the tune. Immediately, she started singing along with her dad. As this clip attracted thousands, people were astonished at Ella Mae’s mastery of the song’s succession.

Though still singing in her baby babbles, there’s no doubt Ella Mae has memorized by heart the American Trilogy lyrics. Along with her singing is the on-point accuracy of her facial expressions. Music artists take years to achieve putting the right facial expressions to accompany their performance. But for young Ella Mae, she nailed it!

The video goes beyond just the extraordinary mastery of a toddler to an Elvis’ song though. It was noticeable that this adorable child enjoys every single time she spent with her “daddy.” That display of joy is priceless.

American Trilogy Trivia

Elvis’ ex-wife Priscilla Presley was the one who introduced “An America Trilogy “to Elvis. Upon hearing the song, Elvis immediately liked it. The song was released in 1972 and was arranged by country composer Mickey Newbury. The song was recorded live by Elvis from one of his concerts.

The song was a medley of three American folk songs “Dixie,” “Battle Hymn of the Republic” and “All My Trials.”  This song is considered one of the hardest songs that Elvis sang, but for this 20-month old girl, it’s a piece of cake.



Ella Mae, Elvis Presley

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