December 18

Toby Keith’s Single “Who’s That Man” Will Surely Break Your Heart

Can you imagine your family replacing you with someone new? It’s heartbreaking, isn’t it? You look at them like nothing’s changed except for the fact that they are living with someone new. The pain is felt more by the character in Toby Keith’s song “Who’s That Man.” People who went through divorce share the same heartache as the main character of the song.

Toby Keith Who's That Man
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Toby Keith’s Second Number One Single

Toby Keith is unstoppable. When he started his career in country music, his first single jumped straight to number one. After such, he began releasing songs that have entered the top ten of the Billboard chart. In 1994, Keith released his single “Who’s That Man.” This song became his second number one on the Billboard country chart. In addition, it was his second single to place at number one of the Canadian chart. The track came from his second studio album Boomtown.

Boomtown, The Album

Boomtown was Keith’s first album to enter the top ten of the Billboard Top Country Albums chart. It secured the eight spot on the chart. Furthermore, Boomtown reached number forty-six on the Billboard 200. Aside from “Who’s That Man” which topped the chart, there were three more songs from his album that have entered the country chart. These included “Upstairs Downtown” at number ten, “You Ain’t Much Fun” at number two, and “Big Ol’ Truck” at number fifteen.

“Who’s That Man” Content

His second single “Who’s That Man” is a story told by a man who experienced divorce. He quietly looks at his family from afar. He looks around the place and remembers the things he did for his family and that house. Suddenly, there was someone he didn’t recognize, a new man with his family. Someone new already replaced him. He wanted to go in and see his children, but he knows it wasn’t right. Instead, he stood there watching his family, and looking at how happy they are with the new man in the house.

That’s my house and that’s my car
That’s my dog in my backyard
There’s the window to the room
Where she lays her pretty head
I planted that tree out by the fence
Not long after we moved in
That’s my kids and that’s my wife
Who’s that man, runnin’ my life

Here’s Toby Keith’s “Who’s That Man.”


Boomtown, Toby Keith, Who's That Man

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