June 21

WWII War Veteran Reunites with Long-Lost Love After 75 Years

This story would definitely touch your hearts! In an amazing story of love in the midst of war and the grasp for hope, a war veteran reunites with his long lost lover after decades of being apart.

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The Story of Kara and Jeannine

In 1944, the world was at war. Our soldiers were deployed across the world in order to help the cause for the good. One of the soldiers was Kara Troy Robbins, 24 years old.

Robbins was based in the United States Army in France when he met and fell in love with a beautiful French girl, 18-year-old Jeannine Pierson. Robbins and Pierson fell madly in love. The language barrier didn’t matter, the whirlwind romance between the youngsters were just as romantic as it was brief.

Soon, Robbins had to go back to the United States, leaving a heartbroken Pierson behind. In an interview, she expressed that she wished Robbins had not gone back to America and just stayed with her. When WWII ended, she even tried to learn the basics of the English language, holding onto hope that Robbins would return to France, to her but he never did.

They eventually lost touch over the years.

Robbins, now a retired veteran of the war, ended up marrying another woman during his stay in America. Pierson also married another man in France but Robbins had never forgotten about Pierson. In fact, he still carried with him an old faded black-and-white photo of her for decades.

A Veteran with a Mission

He had hoped to see her, though there was a sliver of a chance that he may have outlived her. Still, in June of 2019 when Robbins returned to France to celebrate the 75th anniversary of D-Day, he asked a group of journalists if they would be willing to help him try to find his first love.

Veteran, Veterans, Lover, WWII, Reunited
Screengrab via Youtube

Armed with only a name, a black and white photo, and the hope that she was still alive, they searched. To Robbins’ surprise and delight, the journalists delivered. In a heartwarming clip, the pair reunite after 75 years.


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