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Kenny Rogers Will Break Your Heart With His Single “I Can’t Unlove You”


Kenny Rogers’ song “I Can’t Unlove You” is one of the ultimate breakup songs you would hear. It shows what it feels like to break up with someone else. It’s not only about the pain of losing the person, but it’s also about how you live your life after the breakup.

Kenny Rogers
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Chart Performance of “I Can’t Unlove You”

“I Can’t Unlove You” was written in 2005 by Wade Kirby and Will Robinson for Rogers. This was released as a single from his album Water and Bridges. The song has reached number seventeen on the Billboard Hot Country chart. In addition, it placed at number ninety-three on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. “I Can’t Unlove You” was also translated to Portuguese.

The Story of the Song

What will you do with the things and memories left behind after a relationship? Do you keep them or put it in a box and toss them out? Sometimes after a relationship, we don’t know what to do with everything in our life. It feels like there is a big hole left when that person you love walks away from you. However, no matter what we do they will always leave a part of them inside of us. And these are the ones you cannot forget or throw away.

The narrator of the song throws away all that was left from his previous relationship, but he knows that the memories he has with her cannot be erased. Every conversation, every kiss, every moment with her will always be there, and it is something he cannot forget.

I can’t unthink about you

I can’t unfeel your touch

Can’t unhear all the words

Unsay all the things

That used to mean so much

Wish I could unremember

Water and Bridges Album

Rogers’ album Water and Bridges was his twenty-sixth album. It reached number five on the country albums chart and number fourteen on the Billboard 200 chart. He released three songs as a single in 2006 (“I Can’t Unlove You,” “The Last Ten Years (Superman),” and “Calling Me”). All of which entered the country chart.

Here’s Kenny Roger’s breakup song “I Can’t Unlove You.”



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