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Carrie Underwood Belts on her Hit “Blown Away” with Fierce


Alcoholism is perhaps one of the root causes of broken families. Also, alcohol is commonly abused by some. Others use it to run away from their problems and sometimes, others just want to feel numb inside. But let us remember that alcohol can destroy everything if a person gets addicted to it. Anyway, alcohol can destroy one’s family, relationship with others and their future. There’s a lot of reports pertaining to alcohol and most of them are not good. It is not the solution to a problem, we have other ways to resolve it. And remember, once a person becomes an addict, they may also incur complications that can lead to death. Of course, we don’t want that to happen, right? Anyhow, we’ll take a look at the hit of Carrie Underwood “Blown Away” that also talks about alcoholism.

Country Music’s Reigning Queen

This artist started her career in the reality TV show American Idol that tagged her as its fourth season winner. Since her breakthrough in the music spotlight, this singer has been able to release hit after hit masterpieces. Moreover, she was able to receive numerous awards and recognition for her achievements. Throughout her career, she was tagged as one of the highest paid artists. Well, I guess her fans are really supportive and they really like her music. I’m referring to Carrie Underwood, who popularized the hits “Jesus Takes the Wheel,” and “Before He Cheats.”

Carrie Underwood Belts on her Hit “Blown Away” with Fierce 1
Photo Credits: Carrie Underwood/Official Facebook Home Page

Carrie Underwood is known for her distinct vocal range and style. Her musicality is undeniably stunning like her hit “Blown Away” which showcased her as a powerhouse. In addition, this song touched the issue of alcoholism, that this addiction can also tear families apart. The lyrics and the music video of the hit speaks for itself.

Go ahead, listen to this masterpiece and be amazed.  



Before He Cheats, Blown Away, Carrie Underwood

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