July 30

Young Violinist Tyler Butler-Figueroa Plays “Blessed Assurance” and it was Inspiring

Tyler Butler-Figueroa was first introduced to the spotlight when he played at America’s Got Talent. This young violinist captured the hearts of millions when he made Simon Cowell push the golden button. Tyler will now be joining other contestants from all around the country in showcasing their amazing talents.

tyler, blessed assurance
via Tyler Butler-Figueroa’s official Facebook page

Tyler Butler-Figueroa Plays Blessed Assurance

After his inspiring audition at America’s Got Talent stage, Tyler is now on his way to compete with other talented people. But before his journey begins, this young violinist is sharpening his skills. On this clip that we will show you, Tyler is seen playing the iconic hymn “Blessed Assurance.”

Watch the clip here:

His performance was as captivating as his audition piece. As seen above, this young kid is very talented at playing the violin. He may not be playing in front of an arena or a huge stadium but it feels like he is capturing the hearts of his many fans. This is also the only gospel hymn that he has played so we hope for more of this in his future performances.

His performance at America’s Got Talent Stage

Tyler has had a very rocky start in life. Before performing his piece, he shared his heartbreaking story. Apparently, he was being bullied at school for all the wrong reasons. He has cancer and he almost died because of it. He learned how to play the piano at an early age in his life so that he could avoid getting bullied. This really helped him gain his confidence back and even though none of his family are musically inclined, he still wanted to play the violin.

During his performance, he performed like he is pro. So much so that Simon pressed the golden buzzer making him proceed directly to the semi-finals of the competition. We all wish him luck!

tyler, blessed
via Tyler Butler-Figueroa’s official Facebook page

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