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“Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus:” A Gospel Song by Alan Jackson

“Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus”

Before the name “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus,” it was first named as “The Heavenly Vision.” It is a hymn written by Helen Howarth Lemel and was inspired by a track entitled Focused. In 1918, Lemel published the hymn in England, and in 1992 it was included on his gospel collection called Glad Songs. Moreover, this hymn was included in an American gospel collection named Gospel Truth in Song.

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus, Alan Jackson
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Talking about the popularity of the song, it has been recorded by many artists like Michael Smith, Alan Jackson, Charlie Hall and Matt Redman, and Lauren Daigle.

Alan Jackson’s Version

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus, Alan Jackson
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Alan Jackson recorded the song and his version of the song was released in 2006 from his gospel album, Precious Memories. Moreover, “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus” was sung by Jackson during his father-in-law’s funeral.

Precious Memories is Jackson’s first gospel album. It was released by the record label Artista Nashville. This gospel album was composed of fifteen different gospel songs. Even though there are no singles released from it, Precious Memories became Platinum-certified by RIAA.

About the Song

His word shall not fail you, He promised
Believe Him and all will be well
Then go to a world that is dying
His perfect salvation to tell

When we hear the name Jesus, the first thing that comes into our mind is Salvation. The perfect person to surrender our worries to is the Lord because He is the master of everything. So, why do we have to worry about the things that are happening around us?

Sometimes we encounter rejections in life, but instead of worrying too much about it, why not turn those worries into great blessings? Some people say close doors open new beginnings. As long as we are in the Lord’s hands, we are safe.

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