December 20

The Most Tear-Jerking Cover of the Song “Hallelujah” By 1500 Singers

Leonard Cohen is a Canadian musician and the composer of the song “Hallelujah.” The song was first made available in 1984 on his album Various Positions. Following Cohen’s passing in November 2016, “Hallelujah” gained new attention and resurfaced on foreign singles charts, making its debut on the American Billboard Hot 100.

It became the anthem of a renowned performer who died tragically soon. It is now one of the songs that have been covered the most. It has several times been modified, interpreted differently, and rewritten. 

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The importance and meaning of “Hallelujah” have become even deeper as a result of its development and ongoing reinterpretation.

The song’s refrain, as it tells us, is suitable for occasions of joy, sorrow, regret, healing, and reconciliation. There is no doubt that Leonard Cohen‘s song explores topics with a wide range of implications and aspects, including shattered love, real love, and many other aspects of human emotions that no one could imagine we have. 

Having said that, the song has been so popular over the years that other well-known artists have been able to record their own versions of it. 

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However, Choir! Choir! Choir! 1,500 singers, together with Rufus Wainwright, created one of the most historically significant and tear-jerking covers ever back in 2016.

Some may assume that such a large crowd would inevitably drown out Wainwright’s voice, but with the amazing choir’s skills, their singing elevates and carries his voice throughout the big venue, touching each and every heart of the listeners. 

Due to their absolute expertise and excellent harmonies, the ensemble steals the show. It is certainly a remarkable feat to manage a throng of this magnitude, and it should not be minimized.

In light of the foregoing, if you’re looking for a song to listen to today, the 1,500 singers’ cover of “Hallelujah” is unquestionably the best one for you. You can listen to it right now by clicking here.


Choir! Choir! Choir!, Leonard Cohen

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