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10 Tatum Christopher Bryan Facts That You Need To Know

Meet Luke Bryan's Second Son, Tatum Christopher Bryan

In 2010, Tatum Christopher Bryan arrived in the arms of his mom Caroline Boyer and dad Luke Bryan. And unlike with their first-born Bo, who Luke said they treated like a Fabergé egg every time they picked him up, they’re considerably more relaxed this time around. The parents were definitely getting better at the gig.

So, here’s 10 facts that you need to know about Luke Bryan’s second son.

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  1. Tatum Christopher Bryan actually arrived earlier than expected, and he was born on a Wednesday morning at exactly 9:48 am on August 11, 2010. He arrived weighing 6 pounds, 8 ounces.
  2. He is called “Tate,” which is short for Tatum, his first name.
  3. Unlike his older brother Bo (Thomas Boyer), who had two surgeries early and had to endure a lot of illness, Tate was chilled out as a baby. According to his mom Caroline, he doesn’t throw up every time he eats and just sleeps.
  1. Caroline, who suffered a miscarriage before Tate, was actually struggling when she welcomed her second son. In an interview with People, she opened up how losing a child still weighed on her even after time passed.
  2. Tate is Luke and Caroline’s youngest child and the youngest of the Bryan-Cheshire crew (after the couple adopted their nephew and nieces).
  3. Just like his older brother Bo, Tate also loves playing sports and spending his time outdoors.
  4. And of course, he also loves to spend time with his older brother/cousin, Til. And they’ve gotten so close that when Til went to university, he made a surprise emotional visit back home for Tate’s 10th birthday.
  1. A lot of fans say that the 11-year-old is growing looking more like his father, Luke Bryan.
  2. When he’s not in school, he and his brother Bo join their dad on the road.
  3. And last but not the least, Tatum Christopher Bryan has also made an appearance in his dad’s music video “What Makes You Country” alongside his brother Bo.