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‘Takes Two,’ Sequel to Maren Morris’ ‘Girl’ Album

Over the years, country music vibes have been constantly evolving and we saw that unfold in each generation of contemporary singers. But among these recent changes, Maren Morris’ latest song release promises the harmony between a soulful R&B and country music. This is her follow up single for her album ‘Girl’.

But as ‘Takes Two’ gets to join the roster of her album, Morris said that the track was initially reserved to be a movie theme music as the rendition had its way with the strings.

The Meaning Behind ‘Takes Two’

Her album ‘Girl,’ including her holdover single, ‘Takes Two’ was co-written by composers Sarah Aarons and Greg Kurstin. They were in charge of the theme and the mood of this specific album.

The struggle presented in the track brings out the R&B vibe in the lyrics and is emotionally enhanced through the overly reverbed guitar music in the background. Morris, as she sings the song, blames herself for having no restraints in her feelings even though she knows that the relationship isn’t going anywhere. She’s often taken advantage of by the person she loves who only toys with her emotions

Morris Revives Some of Her Old Songs

‘Takes Two’ is an old song which she polished up during this quarantine period. She decided to take the step forward into pushing her 2020 RSVP: The Tour to 2021, by soaking on her music and filling up voids.

However, ‘Takes Two’ isn’t the only track that was released as a holdover for the ‘Girl’ album. ‘Just for Now’ was also given new breath as she and her husband, Ryan Hurd, clean up their old collaboration single. This is also to pay tribute to their co-writer, the late Busbee, as was initially released on Morris’ debut album, ‘Hero.’

To further spice up the revival of her two old music, Morris took a home photoshoot in her garage and even did her own makeup and hair. The scene was even improvised by altering the lighting of the room, making it dim so that the reflected lights from the clear crystal gets refracted on Morris.

Maren Morris didn’t forget to thank all her fans for their continuous support. Apparently, when ‘Girl’ was released a year ago, it became one of the most transformative periods of her life. After taking a break due to the pandemic, she could not wait for her fans to hear the songs she’s bound to release in the future including ‘Takes Two’ and ‘Just for Now’.


Marren Morris

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