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“Suspicions:” Another No. 1 Song by Eddie Rabbitt in 1979


“Suspicions:” Another No. 1 Song by Eddie Rabbitt in 1979 1
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Is it good to be suspicious? There are reasons when being suspicious is considered to be good, and there are also reasons when being suspicious is not good. A person can be suspicious especially if they start to feel something different from the usual. However, being suspicious all the time will result in something unpleasant. What about in Eddie Rabbitt’s song “Suspicions?” Is the character in the song considered to be having a good suspicion?

“Suspicions” by Eddie Rabbitt

“Suspicions” is a 1979 song recorded by Eddie Rabbitt for his album Loveline. David Malloy, Randy McCormick, Even Stevens, and Eddie Rabbit wrote the song. The song was written for only 20 minutes because Eddie needed to be somewhere and his co-writers were busy too. They finished the recording in just a day. Eddie recorded the songs and made it peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard Country Songs chart. Aside from entering the Country chart, “Suspicions” entered the Billboard Hot 100 and Adult Contemporary chart. “Suspicions” is Eddie’s fifth No. 1 song on the chart.

Tim McGraw’s Version

Besides Eddie Rabbitt’s recording, another country singer made a cover of this song. Tim McGraw, in 2007, recorded the song for his album Let It Go. Two versions of this song were released, one is for his album, and the other was for radio release. The song reached No. 12 on the Billboard Country Songs chart. Moreover, Tim McGraw’s version entered the Billboard Hot 100.

About the Song

“Suspicions” is a song of a man feeling paranoid about his lover, not because she is doing something behind his back. The man is suspicious because the woman he loves is a goddess. She is extremely beautiful that she was able to make people turn their head when she walks into a room. Maybe it is difficult to be with a person who seems to be perfect. You’ll start to be afraid that someone will steal them away from you.

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