March 20

“Amanda:” The Battle Between Waylon Jennings and Don Williams

“Amanda” is one of the classic songs that was recorded by many great artists. It has words that are captivating, and it never gets old. It doesn’t matter how many times this song is covered by different artists, it will always be a timeless piece.

Don Williams Version of “Amanda”

The song was written in 1973 by one of the greatest songwriters, Bob McDill. It was first recorded by Don Williams on the same year. Williams made his recording the B-side of his album Volume 1.

Amanda Don Williams Waylon Jennings
Photo Credit: Don Williams/ Michael Putland/Getty Images/ Rolling Stones

Williams’ smooth baritone voice made the song sound soothing to the ear. He truly deserves the title “Gentle Giant.” Not only are his vocals gentle but also the way he delivers each word in the song.

Despite having a wonderful version of “Amanda,” Williams’ song only hit the Billboard Country chart at number thirty-three.

Waylon Jennings’ Rendition

A year after Williams released his recording of “Amanda,” Waylon Jennings decided to cover the song. He included it on his album The Ramblin’ Man. However, Jennings’ rendition was not released as a single, unlike his recordings of “I’m a Ramblin’ Man” and “Rainy Day Woman.”

amanda Waylon Jennings don williams
Photo Credit: Waylon Jennings/

When Jennings’ cover of “Amanda” was included on his first compilation album, Greatest Hits, the song was finally released as a single. It was only in 1979 when Jennings’ song was pushed to the spotlight. It placed at number one on the Billboard Hot Country chart and made an appearance on the Hot 100 and Adult Contemporary charts. In addition, Jennings’ scored a spot on the Canadian chart too.

Here’s Waylon Jennings version of “Amanda.”

Who Sang it Better?

Both artists are great, and they have delivered the song in their own way but still managed to keep the song as it really is. It’s not easy to compare their renditions for they are both truly great artists. Do you agree?


don williams, Waylon Jennings

  • I have always liked Don Williams but I like Amanda by Waylon better because of that super guitar picking and those super back up singers that give his version that haunting (in a good way) beautiful sound.

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