January 16

Love Will Carry You Away in “Sweet Desire” by The Kendalls

The Kendalls, one of the most well-known country music duos of all time, released the song “Sweet Desire.” in 1978 as part of their album Old Fashioned Love. The ever-talented Jeannie Kendall, a member of the duo above, penned it. Given that it is The Kendalls’ second number one on the country chart and their fourth overall, there is little question that it is one of the most significant releases of all time.

To make it even better, the single stayed at number one for one week and spent 15 weeks on the charts. And it didn’t just chart high on the US charts but also reached its peak at no. 2 on the Canadian RPM Country Tracks, making it one of the Kendalls’ greatest hit songs through their career.

That’s why for those wondering what’s the true meaning behind the song that made it as popular as it is to many listeners, scroll down since we have the answer for you.

Meaning Behind the Song

Songs about love will always strike and intrigue many listeners. It is the perfect topic that everyone can relate to. That’s why this song was so popular among everyone, not just fans of country music.

The song talked about getting swept away by the overwhelming yearning one has for their relationship. Hence, “sweet desire” in the title. It discusses how intense love may cause someone to lose control of their emotions and get carried away by feelings, which is what any person in love would do, after all.

So, if you also want to get carried away by the indefinable force of love, you should definitely add The Kendalls‘ ‘Sweet Desire’ to your morning coffee playlist. But for now, you can watch their fantastic performance down below.


The Kendalls

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