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The Kendalls

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The Kendalls Songs

Ten Awesome The Kendalls Songs You Will Undoubtedly Enjoy!

After listening to The Kendalls songs, there is no surprise that you'll feel awesome beyond comprehension. And here is a list of them.

The Kendalls Heaven's Just a Sin Away

The Kendalls Struck Gold In A Big Way With The Release of “Heaven’s Just a Sin Away”

In 1977, a fairly unknown father-daughter duo named the Kendalls released "Heaven's Just a Sin Away" as the second single off their album of the same name.

The Kendalls -Thank God For The Radio

A Best Friend in Music: “Thank God for the Radio” by The Kendalls

Feeling sad, lonely, happy, or hurt? Turn on the radio, blast some music, and sing "Thank God for the Radio" by The Kendalls.

The Kendalls-Sweet Desire

Love Will Carry You Away in “Sweet Desire” by The Kendalls

In 1978, The Kendalls released a chart-hitting song called “Sweet Desire” on their album Old Fashioned Love. And here’s the meaning behind it.