The Kendalls -Thank God For The Radio


Arden Lambert


January 16, 2023


January 16, 2023


January 16, 2023

Most of us turn on the music at full volume, letting it drown our thoughts and give us a headstart on our day. To appreciate the radio that provides us with music, The Kendalls released “Thank God for the Radio.”

“Thank God for the Radio” is a country song written by Robert Jones and Max Barnes, and The Kendalls recorded it. The Kendalls, consisting of Royce Kendall and his daughter Jeannie Kendall, was a country music duo from Saint Louis, Missouri. 

“Thank God for the Radio” is among The Kendalls’ songs that topped the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, along with their other singles, “Heaven’s Just a Sin Away” and “Sweet Desire.”

Meaning Behind the Song

We all had our lonely, dark times, and sometimes we have no one else to turn to. Music has always been there for us; it reminds us to keep moving forward and be happy and even inspires some of us to create new songs.

The Kendalls recorded “Thank God for the Radio” because, of course, we should. The radio that plays the songs that we love to sing, dance, and jam to is sometimes the only thing that keeps us company—the radio blasts on when we’re driving alone in the middle of the night.

The songs that the radio plays also mean something to us. The music could be the one you play with your family. Or you heard it on the radio one day, instantly becoming your favorite. Or, it could remind you of a lover that broke your heart and hurt your feelings. And maybe you’ve heard music that accompanied you in the process and healed you slowly.

The Kendalls truly made their point clear when they sang “Thank God for the Radio:” thank God for the radio (and perfectly-relatable songs, too) to become our friend whenever we feel lonely or sad.

Listen to The Kendalls as they sing a song of gratitude right here.


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