February 13

Hear George Strait’s New Song “Every Little Honky Tonk Bar”

George Strait is at it again! He released another song entitled “Every Little Honky Tonk Bar.” It is from his upcoming LP “Honky Tonk Time Machine.” The song is a spicy, fun song about the celebration in ‘every honky tonk bar.’ The name of the song certainly lives up to its name, as it takes us back to the hearty vibes of good old fashioned country songs.

Every Little Honky Tonk Bar
via George Strait’s Official Facebook Page

Every Little Honky Tonk Bar

The song was penned by Strait with his son Bubba and his longtime collaborator Dean Dillon. “Every Little Honky Tonk Bar” is one of the eight of the album’s 13 songs that are co-written by the King of Country Music.

Watch the video below!


The Album

The 30th studio album is set to hit the market on the 29th of March. Strait had some really enthusiastic statements about his new releases when he talked about his album.

“I’m really excited to have some new music coming out. It’s been about two years since I’ve released a record. It was great writing with Bubba and Dean again and creating such a beautiful song with Bubba and Jeff Hyde. Also, it was a very special thing for me to be able to write and sing one with the legend Willie Nelson. I hope everyone enjoys listening to Honky Tonk Time Machine as much as I enjoyed making it.”


  1. “Every Little Honky Tonk Bar” (George Strait, Bubba Strait, and Dean Dillon)
  2. “Two More Wishes” (Jim Lauderdale and Odie Blackmon)
  3. “Some Nights” (Bubba Strait, Brice Long and Phillip White)
  4. “God and Country Music” (with Harvey Strait) (Luke Laird, Barry Dean and Lori McKenna)
  5. “Blue Water” (George Strait, Bubba Strait, and Dean Dillon)
  6. “Sometimes Love” (George Strait, Bubba Strait, and Dean Dillon)
  7. “Código” (George Strait, Bubba Strait, and Dean Dillon)
  8. “Old Violin” (Johnny Paycheck)
  9. “Take Me Away” (George Strait, Bubba Strait, and Dean Dillon)
  10. “The Weight of the Badge” (George Strait, Bubba Strait, and Dean Dillon)
  11. “Honky Tonk Time Machine” (Bubba Strait, Brice Long and Bart Butler)
  12. “What Goes Up” (George Strait, Bubba Strait, and Jeff Hyde)



George Strait

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