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Steve Wariner and Why He’s a Fitting Voice for “Who’s the Boss”

Following the success of his co-written hit, “You Can Dream of Me” in 1986, Steve Wariner got an invitation to pen a new theme song for ABC’s, “Who’s the Boss.

For two years, the song “A Brand New Life” was the TV series‘ trademark in the 80’s. While we don’t know what happened in between, we’re still glad that Steve Wariner rendered his vocals to record the same song. So for the next seasons of the sitcom (1986- 1990), Steve Wariner’s crooning was heard in the opening theme.

As for “Brand New Life,” it’s fair to assume that Steve may have also thought that it’s already perfect for the show. In its entirety, the song accurately depicts the journey of Tony Danza’s character from a baseball player to a housekeeper and nanny. That’s a deviation from the usual setup of a white-collared man who got love-struck by a blue-collared woman.

The role-reversal wasn’t seen much as an attack to machismo though. While his employer’s a big-time female exec for an advertising company, Tony Micelli, still, is the Boss of the house.

And don’t you love the brilliant acting of the cast? Tony Danza didn’t even have to sweat his role as he’s already learned some basic homemaking skills. That’s all thanks to his mom. Credits also to his co-actors namely, Judith Light (Angela Bower), Alyssa Milano (Samantha, Tony’s daughter), Katherine Helmond (Mona, Angela’s mom), and Danny Pintauro (Jonathan, Angela’s son).

Reportedly, Steve Wariner occasionally plays his rendition of “Who’s The Boss” theme in his gigs. Here’s one for the road.

Other versions by Larry Weis (1984-86) and Jonathan Wolff (1990-92).

Our Man, Steve Wariner
Steve Wariner and Why He’s a Fitting Voice for “Who’s the Boss” 1

With a string of fourteen chart-toppers, Steve Wariner is a boss to be reckoned with.

He’s a natural talent to the music industry covering multiple genres including pop country, pop rock, and pure country. Some of his well-known hits include “All Roads Lead to You” (1982),”Lonely Women Make Good Lovers” (1984),  and “Some Fools Never Learn” (1985) and “Where Did I Go Wrong (1989).

His scores of hits kept flowing in the early 90’s and would have continued had he not taken a break from recording. For three years, he was a devoted songwriter spinning hits for fellow singers. Among them were Bryan White, Clint Black, Garth Brooks, and Keith Urban.

In 1996, Wariner entered the Grand Ole Opry. Two years later, he made a comeback with the then newcomer Anita Cochran. They did a ballad duet of “What If I Said” and it became a hit. With no plans of slowing down, he founded his own label in 2003, SelecTone Records.

More than an accomplished singer and a prolific songsmith, Wariner is also a proficient instrumentalist. Well, what’s to expect from a Chet Atkins protégé? His guitar skills then got him a Grammy Award in 2008, an induction into the National Thumb Pickers Hall of Fame in 2009, and the honorary title, Certified Guitar Player.

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