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Darden Smith’s “Angel Flights” Honors Our American Heroes


Darden Smith’s Tribute

Darden Smith had a serious conversation with a man who had faced a tragic experience. Darden was informed about flying the bodies of dead soldiers back to their home country. He asked his friend Radney Foster to help him put the tragic life experience through a song.

Radney Foster and Darden Smith penned the song “Angel Flight” and the song was released on November 17, 2009.

Darden Smith Angel Flight
Photo Credit: Darden Smith/ youtube.com by Screengrab

In September 2008, tragedy came into the lives of the Texas National Guard. The Texas National Guard General Support Aviation Battalion known as the Red River 44 was one of four helicopters who fought against central Iraq. However, Red River 44 lost the battle and 7 Guardsmen were killed. This day marked a loss of life for the Texas National Guard since World War II.

According to Foster, after recording numerous hit singles that entered into the country chart, the song “Angel Flight” was one of the most difficult performances he has ever made.  Moreover, this song was dedicated to the Red River 44 memorial.

The song’s proceeds were given to the Texas National Guard Family Support Foundation in memory of the 7 fallen military soldiers. Moreover, the Texas Military Forces acknowledged the effort given by Daren Smith and Radney Foster on making the song and the aircrews who brought the deceased soldiers to their beloved families.

The Song’s Theme

I love my family and I love this land
But tonight this flight’s for another man
We do what we do because we heard the call
Some gave a little, but he gave it all

Every single word of the song shows the task given to a soldier where he would have to choose between leaving his family and fighting for his country. Entering the military world would mean choosing between life and death. During the battle, the greatest fear of a soldier is going home to his family dead.

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