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Dwight Yoakam + Second Hand Heart

Learn How to Love Again with “Second Hand Heart” by Dwight Yoakam

Take risks and learn how to love again with Dwight Yoakam’s hit song “Second Hand Heart.” 

Dwight yoakam facts

Here Are Some Facts About Dwight Yoakam, The New Traditionalist Artists Of The 1980s

In addition to Dwight Yoakam's musical career, he has lived an interesting life. Check these facts about him that show why he's a popularly acclaimed artist.

Chris Stapleton, Tyler Childers And Dwight Yoakam Teaming Up For ‘Kentucky Rising’ Benefit Concert To Aid Eastern Kentucky Flood Victims

Tyler Childers And Dwight Yoakam Are Joining Chris Stapleton For A Benefit Show Called “Kentucky Rising”

Kentucky natives Chris Stapleton, Dwight Yoakam, and Tyler Childers are teaming up to come to the aid of Eastern Kentucky communities affected by the recently deadly flooding.

Listen To Dwight Yoakam’s “I Sang Dixie,” One of The Saddest Country Songs Of All Time

Released in October 1988, "I Sang Dixie" is a country song penned and recorded by Kentucky native Dwight Yoakam. This three-minute song was produced by American guitarist and music producer Pete Anderson. It is the second single on his 1988 album Buenas Noches from a Lonely Room.

Patty Loveless and Dwight Yoakam Show Deep Longing in “Send A Message To My Heart”

Dwight Yoakam’s duet with Patty Loveless was an incredible collaboration. “Send a Message To My Heart” reached the top 50 on the country chart.

Dwight Yoakam Songs

Here Are Dwight Yoakam Songs That Served Well Through The Decades

We have picked the best Dwight Yoakam Songs, and we made sure to include tunes that show he’s an artist who never holds back from showing his edge.

Everything you need to know about Dwight Yoakam's Wife

Dwight Yoakam and wife Emily Joyce: The Secret Love Story

Dwight Yoakam and wife Emily Joyce kept their decade-long relationship under wraps. Let’s dig a bit into their story and find out how it all started.

Dwight Yoakam’s Classic Hit “Ain’t That Lonely Yet”

A lot would say that Dwight Yoakam is an underrated country singer especially with his song "Ain't That Lonely Yet."

Dwight Yoakam Covers The King of Rock and Roll’s “Little Sister”

In 1987, Dwight Yoakam covered Elvis Presley's rock song "Little Sister," and he made his version reach the top 10 of the country chart.

Dwight Yoakam’s “Guitars, Cadillacs” is a Pure Hillbilly Delight

A lot would say that Dwight Yoakam is an underrated country singer. He became popular back in the '80s when he revived the hillbilly/honky-tonk type of country brand.

Willie Nelson's 4th of July Picnic 2024

Willie Nelson’s 4th of July Picnic 2024: What You Need To Know

Celebrate country music and America at Willie Nelson’s 4th of July Picnic 2024, held for the first time in Camden, New Jersey.

Kick'n Up Kountry 2024

Kick’n Up Kountry 2024

From June 12-15, get ready to go Kick’n Up Kountry 2024 at Wagon Wheel Ridge in Karlstad, Minnesota. Here are all the details.

Post Malone Graduates From Country Covers To Country Single With The Help Of Morgan Wallen

Post Malone is on a country streak, and now he’s graduated from covers to a collaborative single with Morgan Wallen. Here are the details.

In The Pines 2024

In The Pines 2024: What You Need to Know

Pack your bags and enjoy one whole day of music on June 1 from four major touring artists for In The Pines 2024 in Bristol, Tennessee. 

Railbird Festival 2024

Railbird Festival 2024

Enjoy good music while sipping bourbon at the Railbird Festival 2024, which will be held from June 1 to 2 at the Infield at Red Mile in Lexington, Kentucky. 

Big As Texas Festival 2024

Big As Texas Festival 2024: What You Need to Know

Big As Texas Festival 2024, the newest country music celebration, is taking over Montgomery County Fairgrounds in Conroe, Texas, from May 10-12.  

Johnny Tillotson + Send Me the Pillow You Dream On

Johnny Tillotson’s Fairytale-Like Cover of the Country-pop Hit “Send Me the Pillow You Dream On”

“Send Me the Pillow You Dream On” is a country song covered by many, but among the most notable is Johnny Tillotson’s 1962 version. 

Merle Haggard + Hungry Eyes

Merle Haggard’s “Hungry Eyes” Is a Sublime Chronicle of Human Experience

The 1969 hit song “Hungry Eyes” was a testament to Merle Haggard’s genius in delivering the emotions of the human experience. Catch it here.

100 Timeless Old Country Songs from Willie, Waylon, Loretta + More!

100 Best Classic Country Songs Of All Time

Get ready to take a trip down memory lane with our curated selection of 100 best classic country songs of all time.

Vince Gill + I Will Always Love You

Vince Gill’s “I Will Always Love You” Is A Gentle Tug To The Heart

Even the hardest of hearts will melt with Vince Gill’s sublime rendition of Dolly Parton’s classic song “I Will Always Love You.”

Faster Horses 2024

Revving Up for Faster Horses 2024: Unveiling the Lineup, Dates, and Ticket Info

After marking a glorious decade of country music's finest, Faster Horses 2024 is roaring back to Michigan International Speedway from July 19 to 21, 2024.

Faster Horses 2023 Line-up, Dates and Tickets

Here’s All You Need To Know About Faster Horses 2023, Including Its Blockbuster Lineup

Country music fans got one big reason to rejoice as Faster Horses 2023 will be bringing the genre and camping experiences together once again on July 14 to 16, 2023.

The Ultimate Collection: Most Popular Country Songs of All Time

The Ultimate Collection: Most Popular Country Songs of All Time

Discover the 100 most popular country songs of all time. From crossover hits to timeless classics, these popular country tracks are a must-listen for music fans.

Best 90s Country Songs

90s Country Songs: The Ultimate Playlist

This list of 90s country songs only proves that the genre was having such a big moment in this decade, with hit-makers cranking out one hit song after another.

30 Best country karaoke

30 Country Karaoke Duets Of All Time That You Can Sing With Anyone

Grab the microphone right now, pull a friend or your partner, or even a stranger, and sing your hearts out with these 30 country karaoke duets.

Johnny Horton Songs

Here Are The Best Johnny Horton Songs That Are Still Celebrated To This Day

From the late 50s and early 60s, a series of Johnny Horton songs actually topped the country charts and even crossed the pop charts. Here are the best ones.

Eddy Arnold and LeAnn Rimes Gave Fans One Great Yodeling Match in the “Cattle Call”

Eddy Arnold moved hillbilly music to the city, creating a sleek sound that relied on his smooth voice and occasionally lush orchestrations. In the process, he became the most popular country performer of the 20th century, spending more weeks on top of the charts than any other artist.

Vern Gosdin Songs

Here Are Some Vern Gosdin Songs That Made Him Known To Most Of His Fans As “The Voice”

With such marvelous, mournful baritone that's always been present in Vern Gosdin songs, the legendary country singer was quick to capture country fans' hearts.

The Ranch and Its Best Country Soundtrack

All The Country Songs From The Ranch Soundtrack That You’ll Surely Love

“The Ranch” is a TV series that centers the Bennett clan. Colt Bennett, played by Ashton, is a former high school football star.

60 Male Country Singers of All Time

60 Male Country Singers of All Time From A-Z

Here’s a list of male country singers who dominated the genre for years. The impact and influence of these men on country music are truly undeniable.

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