January 23, 2019

Martina McBride Belting on Hank Williams’ Hit, “I Saw the Light”

Most of us live in the darkness and swim in slums of sin. Hence, a lot of people don’t want to accept the Lord in their lives. Do you want to stay and live in darkness for the rest of your life? Anyway, it’s nice to come out of that shell and stay in the light. Also, our life will be easier with His guidance. Once we let Him in, there will be no sorrow, and everything will be lighter than before. It’s also nice to feel that sense of security because you have that one God that will always protect you no matter what happens.

How about you? How’s your life? Are you still living in darkness? Then, you better come out and change your way of living. I have here a testimony of faith “I Saw the Light,” which is a cover hit of Martina McBride. And, I am certain that this will help in the awakening of your faith.

The Celine Dion of Country Music

This artist is well known for her soprano singing range which is her advantage to other singers. Further, she produced numerous hits that slammed the charts and was able to sell more than 14 million albums worldwide. On top of that, she won three times at the Academy of Country Music Awards and was a 14-time Grammy Award nominee. Do you remember the hits “The Time Had Come,” “Concrete Angel,” and “God’s Will”? Yes! you’re right, I’m referring to Martina McBride.

Martina McBride Belting on Hank Williams' Hit, "I Saw the Light" 1
Photo Credits: Martina McBride Official Home Page

Changing your Ways and Following God

There are times when we live in darkness and in vain until we become a prisoner of that dark world. Anyhow, have you ever asked yourself what’s the solution? Do you know how to get out of that place? All you need to do is to follow God and everything will be ok, just go to Him and ask for help. To uplift your spirit, listen to Martina McBride’s cover of “I Saw the Light.”



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