January 21

“River of Love:” A Beautiful Love Song By George Strait


The song “River of Love” tells the story of a man inviting his lover to go with him on a boating trip. He uses the river to explain his love.

We’ll go rollin’ on the river of love

Let’s go rollin’ on the river of love

Drift away from all these city lights

Might rock a little bit, so hold on tight

“River of Love:” Chart Performance

George Strait earned his forty-fourth number one song on the Billboard country chart with his single “River of Love.” Furthermore, it entered the Billboard Hot 100 chart at number fifty-nine. “River of Love” also secured a spot on the Canadian chart at number seventy-seven. Strait included the song as part of his twenty-fifth album Troubadour.

George Strait performing on stage
Photo Credit: George Strait/Official Facebook Page

The Story of the Songwriters

Billy Brunette, Shawn Camp, and Dennis Morgan wrote the song in a single session. They told the Boot that they were just sitting around when suddenly Camp was playing his ukulele. And, everything flew out easily. It was supposed to be recorded by country singer Josh Turner, but eventually, it fell into Strait’s hands.

Strait performed his single in the 2008 CMA Award show.

George Strait’s Album

Troubadour is Strait’s twenty-fifth album. It topped the charts and won an award. Troubadour secured the number one spot on both the Top Country Albums and Billboard 200 chart. In addition, he brought home the Grammy Award for Best Country Album. The album sold a million copies, thus, it was platinum-certified by RIAA.

Songs on the Chart

Three songs from his album were released as a single all on the same year. “I Saw God Today” reached number one on the country chart and number thirty-three on the Hot 100 chart. His single “Troubadour” place at number seven on the Billboard Hot Country chart. In addition, it secured the fifty-fourth position on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Check out this top-performing single of George Strait.



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