December 19

“Remember When” Alan Jackson Released this Sensational Love Hit


Love is spiritual because it is the union of the soul and the heart to be as one. Same with people, they fall in love with each other. Thus, they share the same feeling, emotion, and decision. Also, the best part of this life adventure is to stay in love after how many years that you’ve been together. Nobody is an expert on love. But to keep the drive, we just need to be forgiving, a good listener, and of course, to be understanding. All we need to do is to learn how to handle love for it to last. Well, let me give you an inspiration from Alan Jackson about a love that is still burning after years of struggle.

Here in the Real World

This country superstar sold more than 80 million records worldwide. Also, he is best known for mixing traditional honky-tonk and mainstream country which made him stand out from other artists. Further, 66 of his hits entered the Billboard Hot Country Singles and Tracks chart. Plus, 35 of which slammed at number one. Well, I’m referring to the icon Alan Jackson.

“Remember When” Alan Jackson Released this Sensational Love Hit 1

Due to his contribution and influence to the country music industry, Alan Jackson was included in the Country Music Hall of Fame. In addition, he is included in Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame. I guess, that’s just right to honor Jackson, who played a big part in the industry.

Remembering the Good Times

It’s just nice growing old with the person you love, and you will reminisce the past… from the moment you first met, to your first fight, until building your own family. Anyhow, that is the theme of the hit “Remember When” of Alan Jackson.


This Hit was released in 2003 and it slammed at number one in the Billboard Hot Country Songs. Moreover, “Remember When” received positive comments from the critics due to its fresh and charismatic vibe. Never give upon love; it is the best gift that we can have.


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