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These Shirtless, Ripped Tim McGraw Photos Are Really Something To See

tim mcgraw shirtless

Tim McGraw is 52 but from his abs, you wouldn’t know it.

McGraw has published Grit & Grace, a health and fitness book, outlining his 10-year transformation, and sharing some pretty scorching hot images to his Instagram.

We collected every shirtless picture of the country singer that we could find in the name of analysis. To Tim’s beautiful wife, Faith Hill, we would like to apologize preemptively for lusting after her husband.


Tim likes to go spearfishing in the Caribbean waters near his vacation home, and often shows off his impressive catches (and abs) on social media.



Several fans criticized the singer’s hobby, expressing concern about the amount of marine life he is hunting — but Tim told his followers that what he is doing is “all legal” and “nothing wasted.”


Some viewers were a little too fascinated by Tim’s physique to pay attention to anything else — with plenty joking about not even seeing a fish in his pictures.

Here Are More Tim McGraw Shirtless Photos, Because Why Not!





We have nothing bad to say as long as the country star feels good (and keeps posting half-naked pictures on social media!).