August 26

Bailey Zimmerman’s “Never Comin’ Home” Throws A Painful Punch To Those Who Betrayed Their Lovers

Breakthrough country artist Bailey Zimmerman indulges a story about being in a toxic relationship through his letter song and debut single “Never Comin’ Home.” The track, which was released in January 2021, immediately caught traction, thanks to his loyal fanbase built through TikTok, where he started his music career posting original songs and entered the top 20 on Spotify’s Viral Chart in the US. 

And it’s not surprising at all because Bailey Zimmerman inarguably delivered witty poetry and an angsty melody that will draw out the rawest and most painful emotions.

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In the first part of “Never Comin’ Home,” Zimmerman laid down the pain of discovering of his lover’s betrayal through the town’s tittle-tattle. And the even worse part of knowing that the person she replaced him with looked just like him. He gave himself a year on the road to sort his own thoughts – reminiscing how she lied to him straight to her teeth and asking himself how could she do that to him. That was when karma hit for his ex-lover, who went on to be at the receiving end of what she did to him. She felt the guilt, the loneliness, and the regret. 

Then after everything, she would come back into his life as if she hadn’t hurt him too much, saying ‘I miss you’ as if she meant it, and begging him to take her back as if she deserved it. But he was done. In his mind, that chapter of his life has reached the finale, and he would never be coming home back to her. 

But what made this song punch so hard was Zimmerman’s vocal performance. The edgy rasp in his voice brought out all the emotion out of his poetry. And in his live acoustic performances, your ears will be treated to the sound of raw rage and the angst. You will definitely feel how heavy and agonizing it feels to be manipulated. And to those who were on the other side, you won’t be able to listen to this song till the end without feeling all the pain you have inflicted and the regret of losing the one who cared for you and loved you. 

Watch Bailey Zimmerman’s “Never Coming Home” performance in the video below. And don’t forget to also tune in to other Bailey Zimmerman songs, including his hit 2022 singles “Fall in Love” and “Rock and a Hard Place.”


Bailey Zimmerman

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