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Be “More and More” Enchanted with Webb Pierce’s No. 1 Song

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Holding on to the past will do us no good, rather it will only prevent us from living our life. The past should always be left behind because if you carry it with you especially the pain of it, then it will not make your life easy. Therefore, let go of your past and start living today, because when you do you will certainly feel better like Webb Peirce’s song “More and More.”

Webb Pierce’s Version of “More and More”

Merle Kilgore wrote the song “More and More” for Webb Pierce. After Pierce recorded and released the song, it entered the Billboard chart. “More and More” reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Country Chart. Furthermore, the song crossed over to the pop chart of the Billboard and reached No. 22. This marked as Pierce’s number eight No. 1 song on the Billboard Country chart. Aside from “More and More” becoming his No. 1 song on 1954, he charted two more songs at No. 1 on the Billboard (“Slowly” and “Even Tho.”)

Other Versions

Other artists recorded Pierce’s song “More and More.” The following artists who covered the song were Charley Pride in 1983, Merle Kilgore (songwriter) in 1991, and Mickey Gilley in 1976. It was only Charley’s version that made it to the Billboard chart. His version placed at No. 2 on the Billboard Country Songs chart.

The Song’s Content

“More and More” is a story about moving on after a breakup. It is difficult if the person you love left you or if things did not work out between you two. However, only time can heal the pain of yesterday. In every break-up, there will always be a terrible pain but after the pain is gone everything will be fine. You cannot rush into getting over a person you must go through all the stages, and then day by day, more and more, the wounds will be healed. Just like in Pierce’s song, the narrator mentioned that it was hard to say goodbye at first. But now he is feeling better and he is starting all over again.

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