September 16

The Number One Song by Webb Pierce Will Charm You “More and More”

The track was Webb Pierce’s most commercially successful pop single, crossing over to the adult contemporary genre and reaching a peak of number 22. The C&W Best Seller rankings’ eighth-highest position was reached by the B-side of “More and More,” “You’re Not Mine Anymore.” The 2006 movie The Hills Have Eyes played the song during the opening credits.

Song’s Interpretation

Getting over a breakup is the subject of the story “More and More.” It is difficult if the person you love abandoned you or if things did not work out between you two. However, only time can make yesterday’s pain go away. Similar to Pierce’s song, you must go through all the stages of getting over someone before the wounds may start to heal more completely day by day.

About Webb Pierce’s Songs

Webb was a skilled talent scout when it came to identifying tunes that he could make his very own, even though he was responsible for writing a number of his best popular songs. Mel Tillis, who would later pen “Ruby Don’t Take Your Love To Town” and become one of the biggest performers of the 1970s, was one of the first people to see his brilliance. Developed Mel’s skill in the middle of the 1950s, and some of Webb Pierce’s Songs, including “I Ain’t Never,” “Honky Tonk Song,” and “I’m Tired,” were hits and exemplified the Webb Pierce sound.

“More and More” versions aside from Pierce’s

Charley Pride in 1983, Merle Kilgore (the songwriter) in 1991, and Mickey Gilley in 1976 were among the musicians that covered Webb Pierce’s song “More and More” for their respective albums. Charley’s rendition was the only one to reach the Billboard list. On Billboard’s Country Songs list, his rendition peaked at No. 2.

If you have never heard of Webb Pierce’s “More and More”, you’ll see in the video below why he is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most influential country artists of all time.


Webb Pierce

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