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Merle Haggard: The First ACM’s Entertainer of the Year

Winning an award is both a privilege and an honor because you will be recognized for your hard work. Moreover, it is a form of bragging rights that you’ve stood out from the other artist. Anyway, some people say that being nominated is enough for them. But others want more, they want to bring home the bacon. The Academy of Country Music has been around for 55 years and they are recognizing the hard work of every artist. In line with this, do you remember its first winner? Merle Haggard was the first person to receive the Entertainer of the Year award and he also won Top New Male Artist and Top Male Vocalist.

Merle Haggard, entertainer of the year
Photo Credits: Merle Haggard/Official Facebook Home Page

Merle Haggard Winning the Award in 1971

He is one of the legends in country music and he was able to release a lot of songs that hit after hit. Merle Haggard had a fruitful life and he contributed a lot in the music industry. Moreover, he helped create the Bakersfield Sound which is also being used by a lot of artist today. You may not know it, but this legend was the first artist to win the Entertainer of the Year Award. That time, he beat Charley Pride, Elvis Presley, Glen Campbell, and Johnny Cash. If you will look at the lineup, it is filled with legends and I guess all of them are winners, they all deserve to win.

Merle Haggard, entertainer of the year
Photo Credits: Merle Haggard/Official Facebook Home Page

The Award-giving Body

Academy of Country Music was founded in 1964 and it is now 55 years old. A lot of artists received much recognition from this organization and Merle Haggard is one of them. ACM is based in California and it was founded by Eddie Miller, Tommy Wiggins, Chris Christensen, and Mickey. The original goal of the organization is to promote country music throughout the country but it went worldwide. I think that the founders did not expect this to happen.

Here are the wins of Merle Haggard in the ACM:


merle haggard

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