November 19

What will you do if Mary Chapin Carpenter said, “Shut Up and Kiss Me?”

We have different interpretations regarding love. Thus, it’s difficult to measure, define, and understand it. But for others, love is a strong feeling which has no definition, since it suits every person differently. Well, I hope we can relate to Mary Chapin Carpenter in her interpretation of love.

The Hometown Girl

Mary Chapin Carpenter is an American country singer who rose to fame in 1980 with Columbia Records. Like other artists, she started as a club singer and pursued her American dream in the music industry. Since her big break as a professional country singer, Carpenter was able to release chart-topping singles. Of course, this young lady’s success is a combination of hard work and determination.

Along with the successful singles that she released, Mary Chapin Carpenter received massive recognition from different organizations. Carpenter received four jaw-dropping awards for Best Female Country Vocal Performance in 1992 to 1995. In addition, she took home five Grammy Awards. Even more, she was able to sell 12 million records worldwide. I guess, her years of hard work paid off because she was included in Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame on October 7, 2012. It only shows that she can compete with other artists.

Jaded lady when it Comes to Love

“Shut up and kiss me” was recorded and written by Mary Chapin Carpenter. August 1994 marks the date of the song’s breakthrough. In addition, this is her only no. 1 song in the Billboard Hot Country Charts.

The hit has been simple yet captivating. Truly, Mary Chapin Carpenter is a musical genius in creating such a masterpiece.

 In my point of view, the song talks about an unusual reaction of a person regarding love. Love keeps the world go round, without it, there will be hatred and destruction. But still, it always boils down to our perception of love.


Billboard Hot Country Charts, Grammy Awards, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Shut Up And Kiss Me

  • […] Mary Chapin Carpenter is among the notable musicians who try to keep their music alive through the years despite occasional absences from the spotlight.  She had a great singing stint at the early stage of her career. Many saw her amazing breakthrough especially when she shifted from folk to country music. After signing to Columbia in 1987, she released her debut album Hometown Girl. This was followed by a series of releases throughout the ‘90s. Her best-selling record was the 1992 album Come On Come On which spawned seven charting country singles, including the Grammy Award-winning “Passionate Kisses.” […]

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