January 29

Lynn-Conway’s “As Soon As I Hang Up the Phone” Covered by a 4-year old

“As Soon as I Hang Up the Phone” is a song written by American country artist Conway Twitty and recorded by Twitty and Loretta Lynn as a duet. Released in 1974 as the first single from the album ‘Country Partners’ it was the fourth number 1 number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Singles Chart for the pair as a duo. It was number one for a single week and spent eleven weeks on the chart. Also, it reached number 1 in the Canadian Country Tracks chart.


The song is depicting a woman trying to save a rocky relationship. She soon realizes it is ending and at the end sings,”

“I can’t believe that we’re through
You tell me it’s over and done
You say that you had all your fun
But I can’t believe you’ll be gone
As soon as I hang up the phone.”

Lynn provides the sung vocals while Twitty delivers the spoken part. Did you know that it was recorded with Twitty in another room on the telephone to Lynn in the recording booth? No doubt the song sounded more sensible, right?

The phone rings and Lynn says “hello” with deep anxiety. Thus opens one of the overly emotional country duets of all time. Lynn enlisted regular duet partner Conway Twitty for this tale of he-said-she-said pathos, with a twist at the end. This drew out one of Lynn’s most booming performances on record. The story goes that on the first take, Twitty hung up the phone too hard. Lynn was so caught up in the emotion that she told Twitty never to hang up on her like that again.

Can You Imagine a 4-year old Singing it Alone?

Lynn-Conway’s “As Soon As I Hang Up the Phone” Covered by a 4-year old 1

The Youtube caption stated that 4-year old, Braydon, is Loretta Lynn’s biggest fan. This aspiring country star gives all other Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn fans a good entertainment in this adorable video. The charming little country singer, Braydon, sings along to the country legends’ ballad “As Soon as I Hang Up the Phone”. He took over Conway’s parts while also harmonizing with Loretta.

Look with amazement on his face as he sings the song passionately wearing Spongebob pajamas in the car seat.

There’ll surely be more spectacular performances from little country singers. Stay tuned by visiting our website at https://www.countrythangdaily.com/.


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