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AS SOON AS I HANG UP THE PHONE: Conway Twitty Calls Loretta Lynn

“As Soon as I Hang Up the Phone:” Lynn-Twitty 4th No. 1 Hit

Released on August 17, 1974, “As Soon as I Hang Up the Phone” was penned by American country music artist Conway Twitty. It is a song he conceived for a duet with his singing partner Loretta Lynn. Produced by Owen Bradley for MCA Records, the song was the first single from the duo’s fourth studio album, Country Partners.

AS SOON AS I HANG UP THE PHONE: Conway Twitty Calls Loretta Lynn 1
COUNTRY PARTNERS. Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty. | Photo Credits:

Furthermore, “As Soon as I Hang Up the Phone” went on to be the fourth no. 1 of Twitty and Lynn. In fact, it charted on top of Billboard Hot Country Singles and stayed on the charts for 11 weeks in 1974. Also, it is a worldwide hit reaching no. 1 on the charts in as far as South Africa.

As Soon as I Hang Up the Phone” portrays a phone call between Lynn and Twitty. Lynn represents a woman who is trying to maintain a crumbling relationship. Soon, she realizes that there’s no use saving the relationship as it was ending. In addition, the song is a spoken-sung duet. Lynn provides the sung vocals while Twitty does the spoken part.

Another Hit to Add to the Duo’s Career

There are numerous country songs dedicated for breakups but this Lynn-Twitty duet is certainly on the top list. “As Soon as I Hang Up the Phone” is definitely a song to reckon with as it is considered one of the most dramatic breakup songs of its genre.

Both stars already earned a great deal of success under their names. A rock & roll veteran in the 1950s, Conway Twitty became a country favorite in the second half of the 1960s. Loretta Lynn, on the other hand, was a consistent country hitmaker in the 1960s. Before their duo was formed, Lynn already had joined Ernest Tubb for several duets.

AS SOON AS I HANG UP THE PHONE: Conway Twitty Calls Loretta Lynn 2
Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty | Photo Credits:

In 1971, Twitty and Lynn teamed up and recorded “After the Fire is Gone,” which was a no. 1 hit. Other hits followed like “Lead Me On,” and “Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man.”

And in 1974, the duo released “As Soon as I Hang Up the Phone” that is a memorable and melodramatic piece of theater. Soon enough, it gave both Twitty and Lynn the fourth no. 1 single as a dynamic duo.

Listen to Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty’s duet on “As Soon As I Hang Up the Phone:”

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