January 15, 2024

Little Big Town Sings Of Love Gone Wrong With “When Someone Stops Loving You”

In 2017, Little Big Town, a musical group consisting of Karen Fairchild, Kimberly Schlapman, Phillip Sweet, and Jimi Westbrook, released “When Someone Stops Loving You” as the third single of their eighth studio album, The Breaker. The song was written by Lori McKenna, Chase McGill, and Hillary Lindsey and produced by Jay Joyce. 

While “When Someone Stops Loving You” didn’t win awards in and of itself, it was still well regarded and praised by fans and critics for its emotional depth in the lyrics and the vocals of Little Big Town in its delivery. Well, Little Big Town songs never disappoint in that aspect. 

Meaning Behind The Song

“When Someone Stops Loving You” talks about heartbreak – but from a perspective different from what we are used to hearing from this type of song. Instead of reveling in how painful it is, it narrates the story of how personal and difficult of an experience it is. 

That is, the world won’t stop spinning for you. It won’t give you a break. You still have to go to work, crack a smile, and get on with your day. You’d have to accept the reality that you’re going to do things alone and that the mundane things and moments will remind you of them. There’d be no escaping that. That’s life. 

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As you listen to the song, you hear the heartbreaking melody strung with lyrics that perfectly encapsulate what it felt like to have a melancholic feeling wash over you. The emotional authenticity conveyed speaks volumes, providing solace and understanding to individuals navigating the complex trenches of lost love. It takes you to the whole experience. 

We pray that no one has to go through what the narrator of the song did. To have your heart broken because someone chose to stop loving you while you still do is just a different kind of pain.  

Before you listen to Little Big Town’s “When Someone Stops Loving You,” make sure you’re emotionally prepared. We’re warning you. It’s going to be a rollercoaster of pain. 


Little Big Town

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