February 28

Kenny Chesney Collaborates with Mac McAnally for “Down the Road”

It’s been ten years since Kenny Chesney‘s “Down the Road” reached number one on the Billboard Hot Country chart. Chesney’s single was released from his album Lucky Old Sun, and he collaborated with the songwriter of the song, Mac McAnally.  In addition, he was able to secure a spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart at number 47.

Kenny Chesney Mac McAnally Down the Road
Photo Credit: Kenny Chesney and Mac McAnally/ zimbio.com

The Original Version

“Down the Road” was first recorded by McAnally in 1990. The song was one of the tracks from his album Simple Life. He released it as a single on the same year and made it reach number seventy on the country chart.

McAnally shared to Nash Country Weekly that the inspiration came to him one Christmas morning. It was the future of his daughters that made him write the song.

“Down the Road” Content

McAnally’s single is a nostalgic love song that will surely make you reminisce about your childhood days. The song tells the story of a young boy who fell in love with a girl who lives a few blocks away from his home. When he asked the girl’s hand in marriage, he was faced with questions he wasn’t prepared. Eventually, he marries the girl.

Fast forward to the future, this time he’s the one asking the boy questions before he gives his daughter away.

Now down the street from here
There’s an engineer with an only son
And our baby girl says
She believes that he is the only one

Why did Kenny Chesney Record the Song?

On a press release, Chesney shared why “Down to Road” is a special song. He said,

“This is one of those songs I’ve loved forever – and that really says everything about what we fall in love with, what we value… the things that matter, especially when building a future.”

Check out this incredible version of “Down the Road” by Kenny Chesney.


Kenny Chesney, Mac McAnally

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