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Here Are Facts About Keith Urban, The Australian Singer Who Emerged As A Country Star In Music City

keith urban facts

In 1992, Keith Urban moved to Nashville, Tennessee, to break into the business. And with such undeniable talent, he managed to work his way to the top of the country charts and set the table for an impressive career. 

Today, he’s one of the most successful country artists and influenced the genre along the way.

While you may think you already know everything about Keith Urban, we’re sharing with you some facts that you may not have heard yet. Check them out below.

1. He’s a native of Whangarei, New Zealand. 

Born Keith Lionel Urbahn on October 26, 1967, Urban’s family moved to Caboolture, Queensland, Australia, when he was two. This is where he spent his childhood days, taking care of the animals on the farm and even milking the cows. 

2. He expressed his interest in music at an early age. 

He was only four when he started playing ukulele and six when he began taking up guitar lessons. At an early age, his influences reflected his parents’ tastes, who enjoyed country music. 

His music career began by entering local competitions as well as acting in a local theatre company. He then started playing in a band and performing regularly.

3. His early performances include at the airport. 

While most country stars began by regularly performing at bars and restaurants, Urban and his band played at a tiny regional airport in Australia, on a small platform atop the baggage claim carousel – which he said is the strangest place he has ever played. 

4. He served as a session guitarist for different artists. 

In 1992, Urban moved to Music City to chase his dreams of becoming a country music artist. He got his foot on various music-related jobs, such as being a session guitarist for Charlie Daniels, Tim Wilson, Brooks & Dunn, and Alan Jackson, among others.

He even appeared in Jackson’s music video for “Mercury Blues.”

5. He has a unique writing process. 

In one interview, Urban said that he often writes music in the shower. He also uses a pen and never a computer – admitting that he can’t type fast enough.

6. He grew up in an alcoholic home. 

Some of Keith Urban songs gave a glimpse of his dangerous relationship with drugs and alcohol. He admitted that his father was an alcoholic, “and it took me a long time to believe I was wired the same,” Urban said.

7. He’s married to a famous Australian actress, Nicole Kidman. 

In 2005, Urban met Kidman during a Hollywood event promoting Australia. Over a year later, the two got hitched – a marriage Urban said saved his life. Soon after their wedding, Urban entered the rehab that changed him forever.

8. He’s a father of two. 

Urban and Kidman were blessed with two daughters: Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret.