August 5

Trisha Yearwood’s “Let’s Be Frank” Is A Tribute To Her Musical Hero

In 2018, fans were overjoyed with the release of Trisha Yearwood’s Let’s Be Frank – a collection of songs made famous by American music icon Frank Sinatra.

The album was actually her first full-length solo release in more than ten years.

Even though the style of music was not something we all used to hear from the country superstar and three-time Grammy winner, it has apparently been something she has been considering and wanting to record for decades. Trisha Yearwood even revealed that she grew up listening to Sinatra with her mother. 

But it wasn’t until she met musical director-producer Don Was after her televised performance at Frank Sinatra’s 2015 “100th Birthday” tribute that finally set the wheels in motion.

The two teamed up at the legendary Capitol Records building in Hollywood to record the album. They even enlisted Sinatra’s engineer Al Schmitt and string arranger Vincent Mendoza for what would soon become Trisha Yearwood’s greatest hits.

But the most interesting part was that Yearwood got to record Sinatra’s classic songs live with a 55-piece orchestra using the music legend’s microphone while sitting on the same stool where he sat while recording the originals.

It only took four days to complete the recording, but Yearwood admitted that narrowing down the list turned out to be the most challenging part. After all, she had about a hundred songs that she really loved.

Let’s Be Frank Album Tracklist

Let’s Be Frank comes with eleven standards like “I’ll Be Seeing You” and “The Man That Got Away,” all of which were recorded by Sinatra in the past. It also includes an original love song about finding that one special person, titled “For The Last Time,” which Yearwood co-wrote with her husband Garth Brooks.

Check out below for the complete album tracklist.

Truly, Trisha Yearwood’s Let’s Be Frank allows us to see a whole new side of her, as she proves that she can conquer any project she takes on.


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