August 6

“Peace Love and Country Music:” Simple Things Worth Fighting For

Rampant shootout and high rates of crime among other social problems of the country are highlighted with the catastrophic incidents in the past week. Ronnie Dunn highlighted peace, love, and country music are simple things worth fighting for when ideologies clash among people. How about you? What are you fighting for?

Peace and Love

Ronald Reagan said,

“Peace is not the absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means.” 

With that said, the catastrophic incidents that happened around our beloved country are believed to be possibly avoidable. There are a lot of motives released to the press including racism, hate, and even terrorism. We believe that everything should come from understanding. We need to understand that we live in a diverse community where no one is supreme in terms of color, sex, age, and race. While gun ownership is allowed, our state should take great precautions to make sure guns are not abused.

peace love and country music
Photo Credit: Pixabay

Love your neighbor as you love yourself is a very famous biblical scripture. However, are we able to do it consistently? White supremacy shouldn’t have a place in the world. Consequently, hatred is a piece of heavy luggage to carry and it could eat up the goodness in us. Thus, understanding and acceptance of diversity makes a difference in the world.

Country Music

peace love and country music
Photo Credit: Pixabay

While country music is the expression of faith among the Americans after WWII, its unique way of telling stories and pinching hearts due to pain, heart-breaks, loss, reunion, success, and happiness make country music, country. Just imagine the world without country music as a way of worship during those tough times. And as we face a tough time of losing lives over “mental-illness epidemic of the youth,” we send prayers through Ronnie Dunn’s “Peace Love and Country Music.”

Listen to Dunn’s “Peace Love and Country Music” here:

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Ronnie Dunn

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