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Porter Wagoner’s “A Satisfied Mind:” A Song of Contentment

Porter Wagoner’s Version

Porter Wagoner
Photo Credit: Porter Wagoner/ by Screengrab

A well known American country artist Porter Wagoner recorded the song “A Satisfied Mind.” It was released in 1955. Upon its release, the song topped the Billboard Hot Country Songs. It has sold thousands of copies worldwide.

In the later years, the song has been covered by numerous country stars that became popular with country fans. Their song versions also became a success in their career.

Note that Wagoner was already a successful country star and this song also contributed to the success of his career.

The Song’s Theme

Porter Wagoner
Photo Credit: Porter Wagoner/ by Screengrab

According to Hayes, one of the narrators, the song came from his mother’s words to him when he was still young. The thoughts they both shared were written in this song. Furthermore, he was asked by an old man,

“Who is the richest man living in the world?”

Then when he answered, he was shocked because his answers were all wrong. Then the old man replied,

“It is the man with a satisfied mind.”

Do you know who is the person being referred to? That is God. He is described as a satisfied man. With the word “Satisfied” which means contented and “Man” means person. God is a contented person. Moreover, He is happy with what he has, one of those was his children. Though his children were sinners, He still accepts them for who they are.  The times when they failed in life does not matter, what matters is they know how to return to God in order to wipe away their sins.

As an ordinary person, how will you satisfy yourself? Would it be by going to the mall or going to the church?

This song likes us to realize that there is no better place than the Kingdom of God. As we bend our knees, bow down our heads, and open your hearts to God while talking to him, we will feel that the heavy heart will become lighter. That is where God helps us carry our cross, he does not allow us to be alone.

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