January 17

“Joshua” Gave Dolly Parton Her First No. 1 Single on the Country Chart


Dolly Parton began releasing her singles in 1959, but it was only in 1971 when she first scored her number one song on the chart. Parton released “Joshua” as a single, and it reached the top of the country chart. Furthermore, this was her second song on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It was written by her and recorded as part of her same-titled album.

Dolly Parton in yellow dress
Photo Credit: Dolly Parton/ Official Facebook Page

The Story of “Joshua”

“Joshua” is a story of a woman who courageously went out to seek the truth about a man who lives on an old rundown shack.

Well a good ways down the railroad track

There was this little old rundown shack

And in it lived a man I’d never seen

Folks said he was a mean and a vicious man

Her curiosity led her to a place where people don’t dare to cross. When she finally reached the place, she saw the man whom she described to have a low, deep voice. She wonders why most people are scared of him because she wasn’t. The man asked her why she was there, and she told him the reason why. They end up talking the whole time and eventually they fell in love. The old rundown shack became a happy home for Joshua and the brave woman.

And that little old shack it was a happy home

And we just couldn’t help but fall in love

Grammy Nomination

Parton not only earned her first number one song on the chart, but 
for the first time, she was also nominated  for a Grammy Award.

The Album

Her eighth studio album Joshua has also entered the country albums chart. In addition, this was her second album to enter the Billboard 200 chart, and first to score a spot on the Canadian chart. There are ten songs in the album which are mostly written by Parton.

Check out Dolly Parton’s first number one song on the country chart.



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