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Keeping the Faith with Jamey Johnson’s “I Remember You”

Jamey Johnson’s Life

Jamey Johnson is a known American country music artist. His journey begin when he signed his contract with BNA Records. His first single “The Dollar” became a hit and it ranked number 14 on the Billboards Hot Country Songs. But unfortunately, his second single failed so as a result, he dropped from BNA.

Jamey Johnson I Remember You
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After his downfall, he divorced his wife. He then lived in his friend’s house and continued working on his songs. He penned different songs for other music artists. Further, the song has been known and it entered into different charts nor get an award.

In 2008, he again released his album “That Lonesome Song” and was discovered by the Mercury Nashville Records. Moreover, he signed his contract with them. As Johnson’s career boosted, his legacy continues on with writing songs.

Jamey Johnson’s “I Remember You”

The song “I Remember You” was included on his fourth album “The Guitar Song.” His version became a hit and it was released in the United States in 2010.

I remember you, I was there when you were born
I held your mamma’s hand and your daddy’s too
I remember you, I recall the very day
You turned against the Devil and you cried out my name

His album portrays that though we may encounter bad or wrong decisions in life, God is still with us to block negative outcomes and enable us to face a brighter future.

“I Remember You” shows a conversation with God through prayer. When you pray to God, you must also learn to devote yourself to him and trust his will. The wish that you prayed for may not be granted now, but don’t give up. Just put your trust in trust Him. When struggles come, be closer to God and keep the faith stronger. God sent you to your parents for them to take care of you. Perhaps, the lyrics show that God is with you when you were born. He guides your parents and your family became his instrument. He didn’t let the devil come close to you.

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Jamey Johnson

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