July 30

If You’re Reading This, Remember Our Brave Ones

Tim Mcgraw gives us a song of comfort, inspiration and hope in his song ‘If You’re Reading This’.

The Defense Department personnel data reports that in the year 2017, the US had 1.3 million active duty military and around 800,000 reserves. Assuredly, those numbers may have gone up since then, not surprising since there are many citizens who are more than willing to serve the country they love. To that, we salute them.

Unfortunately, the many brave soldiers we send out to serve don’t always come back the way we want them to. Checking the US Department of Defense’s website would show us that the casualties we incur in our military movements has reached the thousands, and that is saddening.

It is a depressing thought that our soldiers don’t always come home, but that is the reality we have. Does it just end there though? Do we simply be sad about this thought and no more? The answer is no, these people, who have dedicated their lives in order for us to live ours, deserve all the honor and respect we could give them.

So how do we do this? If You’re Reading This, you’d know

It doesn’t take much to give our fallen heroes what they deserve. The simple act of remembering them, and praying for them and their family, would be more than enough to keep their sacrifices relevant.

Many country singers know what it’s like to love our country and to serve it, so it isn’t surprising that there are songs out there that honor our soldiers or military. One of these songs comes from Tim Mcgraw.

Tim Mcgraw’s song ‘If You’re Reading This’ shows us why we need to remember our troops, why we honor them, why we thank them for what they do.

The song conveys the words of comfort of a fallen soldier to his/her family. This song touches your heart and makes you think about the hardships not only of the soldier but of the people they have left behind. It is a bittersweet song with focus on comfort for the bereaved but it is also a song that makes us remember the fallen heroes who fought for us and in turn lets us keep their sacrifices alive.

Though it is true that they are gone, whenever we listen to songs like ‘If You’re Reading This’ let us take some time to thank our soldiers for their sacrifices and pray for the families that they may remain strong and blessed.


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