February 19

Eddy Arnold Made “I Really Don’t Want To Know” Reach No. 1

Is it necessary to know how many people your lover has fallen in love with? Do you think that you have the right to know about it or should it just be left in the past? Sometimes, we are eager to know about the people our significant other has fallen in love with. When we find out about it, we begin to question ourselves or the relationship. However, whatever happens in your lover’s past does not matter in the present anymore. It’s okay to know about it if they are willing to share it with us.

Eddy Arnold I Don't Really Want To know You gotta Have Love
Photo Credit: Eddy Arnold/ Official Facebook Page

About “I Really Don’t Want To Know”

The country song “I Really Don’t Want To Know” tells the story of a man who’s curious about his lovers past. He wanted to know how many men she loved and kissed, but partly he’s afraid for her to confess to him. He’s torn between wanting to know the truth but scared that he wouldn’t be able to handle if she tells him everything.

How many arms have held you and hated to let you go
How many how many I wonder but I really don’t want to know
How many lips have kissed you and set your soul aglow
How many how many I wonder but I really don’t want to know

What about you, do you want to know the truth about your lover’s past or would you just let go of it because it might hurt you?

Chart Performance of Eddy Arnold’s Version

“I Really Don’t Want to Know” is a song penned by Don Robertson and Howard Barnes in 1953. The first recording of the song was by Les Paul and Mary Ford. Paul and Ford’s version has secured a spot on the chart. On the following year, country singer Eddy Arnold covered the song and made it reach number one on the country Billboard chart. Arnold included the song on his studio album You Gotta Have Love.

Different Versions

There are other versions released, but it was Arnold who made the song number one on the country chart. Other versions were from Loretta Lynn, Elvis Presley, a duet by Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson, and Jerry Lee Lewis.


Eddy Arnold

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