August 9

“I Miss My Friend,” An Almost Kind of Love Story

Darryl Worley released the song in 2002. “I Miss My Friend” is a song that tells about a story of love not so typical. With Worley’s raw emotions during the recording, the song became his first hit. Read more to find out the whole story.

The Story Behind

darryl worley
Photo Credit: Darryl Worley’s Official Facebook Page

Worley was very much open about the story of this song. A few years back, he met a woman who was older than him. She had a nine-year-old girl. He had his moments of laughter and happiness with them in which he fell in love with both of them.

One night, he tried to reach her with the plan of letting her meet his mom. He learned that the two had gone on vacation for one week. Unfortunately, on the way back they had a car accident that took their lives. Worley was left behind without closure and found it had to let go.

Healing With “I Miss My Friend”

Worley shared his tough moments when he remembers them. He admitted that he worked on healing with the help of the song recording. According to him in one interview, it was therapeutic- that it was as if he was able to finally say goodbye with the song.

darryl worley
Photo Credit: Darryl Worley’s Official Facebook Page

The official music video then reflected how they pictured him saying goodbye to a loved one. The fans were able to relate to the song because he sang it so well with real heartfelt emotions. The song is so powerful that it touches the heart and reflects the true meaning of missing a cherished one.

Watch I Miss My Friend Official Music Video Here:

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