February 5

Homeless People Still Spreads Love Despite Present Predicament

Living in a world where self-indulgence and hoarding things only for ourselves are the norm, how refreshing it is to discover clips like today’s feature.

1. The Homeless Veteran

The first clip features a homeless veteran as per the interview at the end of the experiment. He returned a wallet dropped by a passing stranger and received some cash as a reward. He went to a mobile kitchen, bought some food, and then gave some to his un-housed peers. Curious, the one who did the social experiment asked why he did what he did. He humbly responded that we ought to help others so we’ll be helped in return.


2. The Self-less Man

Was the clip tear-jerking? Brace yourself for another video about another homeless man who did the unthinkable. If you were impressed by the homeless veteran, you’ll find this second guy a beautiful soul by his selfless act.


Bet you didn’t expect what he did. Me, neither. Obviously, he’s at a more unfavorable circumstance than the man he was trying to help. But, he didn’t look at his need. He prioritized somebody else’s need above his.

Homeless and in dire need, these guys taught us that it’s always possible to give to others.

3. Church Pastor Disguised Himself as Homeless

Now to cap this thought-provoking facts about humanity, here’s the final clip from Pr. James MacDonald. He dressed up like a homeless person and positioned himself in front of his church.  As expected, some church people just walked passed him. Imagine their great surprise when during the service, they saw the homeless man head straight to the podium. The person they ignored is their pastor!


Pr. MacDonald was initially heartbroken at the apathetic response of his congregation. But thank God, not all were heartless. There were other church-people who approached him and demonstrated Christ-likeness by their giving and prayers.




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