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Johnny Cash Warns Us When “The Man Comes Around”

Jesus mentioned in the Bible that He will take us to a place where we will worship Him forever. This is not a rebirth, but He will return as a judge and the King of the Universe. If you’re reading the Holy Scripture, then you are fully aware of what will happen next after the second coming of Christ. Anyway, this serves as a warning to us that we should not waste a single time. We must get up and serve Him, we need to abandon our wicked ways because those acts displease Him. More importantly, we need to warn others so that they will be awake and prepared when this time comes. The hit “The Man Comes Around” from Johnny Cash reminds us about the second coming of Christ. So lets go ahead and see what this hit talks about I hope that it is not scary.

The Man in Black

He is considered one of the best-selling music artists of all time. And, he was included in the different Hall of Fames. Further, this singer is unique because of his rich baritone voice that always adds flavor to his artistry. His unique singing style was copied by other rising artists of today. In the span of his career, he was able to sell more than 90 million records worldwide. I hope you still remember Johnny Cash.

Johnny Cash Warns Us When “The Man Comes Around” 1
Photo Credits: Johnny Cash Official Facebook Home Page

He is well known for his hits “I Walk the Line,” and “Ring of Fire.” But did you know that Johnny Cash is also well known for his gospel hits? That includes one of his last songs which is “The Man Comes Around.” Moreover, the hit uses a lot of Bible verses and talked about the second coming of the Christ.

Let’s go ahead and reminisce this masterpiece.


Johnny Cash

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