June 27

“His Name is Jesus” Our Redeemer and Saviour

When you hear the name Jesus, what comes in your mind first? For me, Jesus is the name of the most powerful person I know. He gives me strength when I am weak, comfort during my downfall, a friend when I am alone, and a father who will never leave me in spite of my imperfections in life. Jesus also taught me how to fight against all odds.

What more can we ask of the Lord? Above all the struggles, disappointments, failures, and sorrows we have faced; it still Him who stays with us when nobody is there. Have you heard the song “His Name Is Jesus” by Cody Johnson? Well, if not, listen to it now.

“His Name Is Jesus”

His Name Is Jesus, Cody Johnson
Via Johnson’s Official Facebook Page

The song is recorded by American country artist Cody Johnson. Trent Willmon, also an American artist, produced this song.  It was released in January 2019 as the fifteenth single from his recent studio album released, Ain’t Nothin’ to It.

Upon its release, the album topped the Billboard’s Top Country Albums with thousands of copies sold in the United States.

The Song’s Theme

His Name Is Jesus, Cody
Photo Credit: Cody Johnson/ youtube.com by Screengrab

“His Name Is Jesus” is a song that shows Cody’s proclamation to the Lord. Clark’s success is not determined by his status in life, but it is determined by how he puts God in every success that he has achieved.

Many times I’ve called his name
Prayed for forgiveness when used in vain
Oh, but there’s a peace in knowing
His forgiveness stays the same 

We pray for the Lord’s forgiveness but how often do we have to ask for it? Is it once in a year, month, days? It might take more often, but have you realized that He never gets tired of giving us second chances. Honestly, being in the hands of the Lord is where we’ll find great comfort.

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